A downloadable game for Windows

One spaceship. One loveable repair guy. Tons of sexy women.

You know where this is going.

Space Rescue: Code Pink is a point-and-click adventure game filled with irreverent comedy and titillating sexual content!

You play as Keen; a young mechanic that just landed his first job on a 'Rescue & Relax' Ship. Keen's task is simple; make repairs wherever needed.

However what starts out as a series of straightforward tasks quickly devolves into a set of rather "sticky" situations!

Will Keen keep a cool head as he  fulfills the requests of his crewmates?

While exploring the spaceship you will be able to engage in a number of fun activities which allow you to progress the story and get closer to your crewmates!

  • COLLECT ITEMS- people leave the strangest things laying around!
  • CONCOCT CREATIVE SOLUTIONS- solve the crew's problems!
  • PLAY MINIGAMES- diversity is the spice of life, mix things up a bit!
  • WOO THE LADIES- how could they not fall for a  clever lad like you?

Age restriction: 18+ This game contains nudity & sexual content.

Demo  contents

  • This second demo includes the entire 'Miss Holo' storyline, featuring Lune.
  • It does not yet include the announced gamplay elements, or a functional ship-map.
  • It does not yet include side stories & other characters. 

If you want to play a more finished version of the game, then please go to: https://www.patreon.com/CodePink

And you're most welcome to join our Discord server as well!

Install instructions

It's simple! After downloading the file, unpack it and click on th exe.file to start the game.


PC Demo v2.0


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This has a lot of potential, but i suggest more interactivity with characters like touch or being able to request them to talk with you dressing what you want or nothing at all, maybe showing some parts. Another point is progressively making the Main Character more daring, having him be only passive may get boring.

As for the UI i suggest a key for easily find clickable or interactables in the screen, some screen exits are not easy to locate and i think that is missing an exit in the spa on the ice bucket screen. 

A Quest journal would also be good, the book on the spa closet had no previously indication that was something accessible, having a lead to a fetch quest is a must.

That is all, good game, GL

Hey LostKey!

Thanks for the suggestions, those are very much appriciated!

And yes, Keen will become more pro-active as the game progresses :)  This is actually very much connected to the plot of the game. But at this time there is only about 20% gameplay done, so yeah...that's why you won't notice Keens change yet.

And improving on the UI, is actually part of the next update! I agree, that there is room for improvement there :)

And eventually I  hope to add a Quest Journal to the game, but that's a tricky feature to add- especially  since it's a constantly evolving game. But meanwhile I'm working on a Walkthrough & hopefully that helps when all else fails :)

All the best!


I am getting an slice error trying to download dem

Hhm. That should not happen ;)

Maybe you try and download the game from here instead: https://www.patreon.com/CodePink ? The demo is at the top of the page.

All the best!


I have the Patreon version and am loving it! That being said, is there a way to view your current objectives or story paths? If there is, I am completely missing it (would not surprise me)...

Hey CKidd!

Thanks for the kind words :) And in sorry to say, there is no objective-log in the game.

But, you can revisit characters in game, to geta reminder of what to do. Or you can also click items in your inventory, to get a hint of where to use them.  And... there is also walkthrough available :) I hope that helps!


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There is a scene with Lune which… I think may be gramatically incorrect. At least, I kinda see what was intended - but I had to spend a few seconds piecing it together in my head. At the time I posted this, I haven't gone past the dialogue in the supplied scrrenshot.

There's two ways I can interpet this, one based on the wording alone, and one based on the converstion leading to that point.

‣ "Didn't Ron mention that he was lent the HOLO magazines by you?"
‣ "Didn't Ron mention that he was lended the HOLO magazines by you?"
These two are how I can read the line if I isolacate it from the conversation up to that point. They are the same; lended is sometimes used in place of lent. They are technically interchangable, but in my part of the world, we use lent. As such, I will be using it in the  rest of this post. I used by instead of from, because that's how it would be said\written correctly in my region.

‣ "Didn't Ron mention that he lent the HOLO magazines to you?"
Since It's mentioned earlier that Ron's collection of HOLO magazines is very large, this is how I'm currently reading this line. But at the time of posting, I haven't gone past this line.

If the screenshot is the normal way to say that in your region, you can leave it as-is. I'm not well versed in other forms of English (USA, England, UK, etcetera), I only really know Canadian English.

Edit: Of course I spelled supplied wrong… Fixed.

Oh wauw, you really took some time to fix that for me, thank you so much :)
I'll  fix the text in the next update!

Kind regards


You're quite welcome.

After reading past that point in the story, the first pair are correct.

I personally wouldn't lend large amounts of my belongings to anyone, regardless of what belongings they wish to borrow. But I have trust issues, which the protagonist clearly doesn't.

Stay awesome.